Welcome to BlackBall, the No.1 grass jelly dessert in Taiwan.

If you are looking for a twist out of ordinary, here we are featuring the tasty treat without surrendering its familiar forms that calls for modernism sprang originally from Taiwan. 

A chance discovery by one man changed desserts menus in Taiwan forever. When Mr. Tang, a tour guide, sampled a Guan Xi local delicacy, he was instantly thrilled and delighted by the taste of the grass jelly there; or “Xian Cao” as it is known in Taiwan.  Besides being delicious, Mr. Tang realised that it also has many nutritional benefits. He couldn’t get enough of it and decided he would share the joy of his findings with others.

In 2006, Mr. Tang set up Blackball in Taipei and went on to redefine the provincial delicacy. It hit the spot. The company concocted dozens of dessert variations for its menu and made the Blackball Signature Dessert its highlight. The key ingredient is so popular today that the desserts just wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have grass jelly in it. With over 15 different ingredients to choose from for our desserts, each having its own distinctive nutritional properties, we want you to enjoy your desserts, guilt-free.

We are happy to invite you to join us on this ride for an unadorned yet well-preserved taste of Blackball’s specialties. Savouring? Come experience our definite resurgence that goes beyond the limits of the familiar, with peculiar and often mouth-watering results. This tempting-luscious dessert has indeed earned a reputation for that it actually defies the ordinary and the traditional.

Since its inception, Blackball has grown from Taiwan and reached the shores of many other dessert loving countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Australia, Vietnam, USA, and Cambodia. There are now over 50 Blackball outlets worldwide and it’s still growing!